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    Carbon 3D. New Brand

    3D Maquinser will add to its representation Carbon 3D, an indispensable element in the professionalisation of industrial additive manufacturing. We are proud to contribute to the industrial development in Spain, thanks to an agreement with Carbon® for the distribution of their 3D printing solutions.

    Carbon is a 3D printing technology company that helps companies develop better products and bring them to market in less time. Carbon Digital Light Synthesis ™ (Carbon DLS ™) is an innovative manufacturing process based on light-cured resin which, using digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics and engineering grade materials, can produce polymeric parts with exceptional mechanical properties, resolution and surface finishing.  The Carbon DLS ™ process combines versatile machines, advanced software and the best materials in order to offer functional parts with end-use performance and aesthetics.

    As a result, engineers and designers will be able to expand the range of applications and products to the maximum, bringing digital manufacturing to the next level.

    From prototyping and low volume production to scale production, recognized brands such as Adidas, Ford Motor Company, Becton and Dickinson and Company use the Carbon® process to create a wide range of functional end-use parts and print them reliably, where and when they need them through Carbon® production network partners.

    3D Maquinser is the division in charge of industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes in the Iberian market. Founded 5 years ago with the objective of provide new efficient solutions to all the manufacturing sectors of the Spanish and Portuguese industry, 3D Maquinser represents major brands such as HP, GE Additive, Lumex, Dyemansion, Iepco and Materialise among others. Its unique know-how makes it the perfect additive partner.

    At 3D Maquinser we provide a solid base from which you can develop your full potential, covering the entire spectrum of solutions for additive manufacturing thanks to the value chain formed by the products we represent. In this way, our customers will be able to offer the best results for their products and thus obtain the best competitive advantage.

    Get advice on Carbon® systems and make your business grow. Our experts will be pleased to accompany you and provide you with more information.


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