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    DyeMansion Expand Their Print-to-Product Workflow

    The post-processing pioneers DyeMansion expand their Print-to-Product workflow with three main innovations: The totally new Powershot Performance series, a new generation of the classic Powershot C & S models and the new PolyShot Cleaning process working with both Powershot models. This expansion of the Powershot portfolio will be a key driver for the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing.

    March 24, 2021 (MUNICH) – DyeMansion brought the physical experience of their new Powershot systems to participants in the form of a digital live event. In addition to the reveal and a live demo, there were several deep dive tech talks and statements from partners such as Siemens, Prototal and EOS.
    The new Powershot DUAL Performance combines both processes, cleaning and surfacing, for the first time in one system. The Powershot C Performance and the Powershot S Performance complete the Performance series that enters the market as next level blasting systems purpose-built for the factory of the future and high-volume production.

    The rollout of the new Powershot Performance series will begin with selected pilot customers like 3DPRINTUK. Together with them, DyeMansion will continue to develop the systems. Orders for the DUAL version are going to be accepted from Q4 2021 on. The new generation of the classic Powershot C & S is already available. All upcoming orders include the new generation with numerous updates. You can also order the new systems directly from authorized local DyeMansion Sales Partners.

    “With the new generation of our classic Powershot C & S models, the best products in their segment just got even better. As we truly believe in the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing, we came up with another solution for industrial and high-volume applications: our new Powershot Performance series. Now the time has come for 3D-printing to enter the next era, as we’ve accomplished another big step in post-processing”, says Felix Ewald, CEO & Co-founder of DyeMansion.


    The Powershot Performance series is designed for the most demanding applications within AM. It is the first-ever system with the DyeMansion Multi Belt, an integrated wide troughed belt, and is capable of processing full-sized build jobs, i.e. 1x EOS P396 or 1.5x HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200.

    The process time is reduced up to 20 percent and the load capacity has increased 150 percent making the Powershot Performance series more efficient than any other system available. In combination with the fact that you save up to 60 percent workspace, the new series enables the highest performance and offers maximum efficiency with the smallest workspace on the market.

    Due to brand-new digital features it blends right into the factory of the future already today and sets the stage for automation in Additive Manufacturing. Like DyeMansion’s vapor polishing system Powerfuse S, the new Powershot portfolio is equipped with state-of-the-art automation technology by Siemens. “The Powershot Performance series marks the next milestone in the strategic partnership between DyeMansion and Siemens towards industrialized Additive Manufacturing”, explains Karsten Heuser, VP Additive Manufacturing Siemens Digital Industries.

    The Performance series comes with additional features, mainly in the areas of quality assurance, traceability, connectivity and automation. There is a significant increase in performance, which means higher throughput in less time. So if traceability throughout the complete production chain, connectivity to MES and ERP systems, full integration into automated production setups and high demand as well as high volume production are the topics you think about, the Performance models are the right systems for you.

    The classic Powershot models are the perfect entry systems, bringing Additive Manufacturing to a professional level through an increase in quality and the automation of manual processes. The new generation brings some decisive advantages: improved ease of use, next level part processing, ensured dust retention and simplified troubleshooting.
    To experience the new innovations in person, DyeMansion offers the opportunity to book individual “Powershot Live Experience Tours” onsite at their locations in Planegg-Munich, Germany (Start mid-April 2021) and Austin, Texas (Start June 2021). You can test their finishing options and coloring solutions with your own parts and experience the complete Print-to-Product workflow live and in person.

    Alongside the new systems, DyeMansion is also redefining the standard of industrial cleaning and surfacing thanks to a whole new proprietary cleaning process with plastic blasting media. A new blasting medium has been developed in the right shape, the right size and the right weight to gently remove powder without damaging parts or leaving mineral dust on the surface. Until today the industry standard is to clean parts with glass beads, which comes with some significant weaknesses.

    “A machine itself does not solve customer problems, which is why we have put such a big focus on the development of the right processes. By combining the right machines with the right processes, we have created a solution. The new PolyShot Cleaning process is enabled by a blasting media that was developed from ground up to perfectly match the requirements of depowdering 3D-printed parts”, says Philipp Kramer, CTO & Co-founder of DyeMansion.

    The new PolyShot Cleaning process works with the new generation of the classic Powershots as well as the Performance series and completes the Print-to-Product workflow with perfectly designed and developed processes for 3D-printed parts.

    The residue-free cleaning process for brilliant colors allows for a wider range of process parameters and precision adjustment than conventional cleaning processes. It is compatible with all common powder-bed technologies and improves the depowdering of challenging process materials (e.g. TPU).


    DyeMansion is the global leader in Additive Manufacturing finishing systems that turn 3D-printed raw parts into high-value products. From perfect fit eyewear to personalized car interiors, their technology makes 3D-printed products become a part of our everyday life. Starting in 2015 with the first industrial coloring solution for powder bed fusion parts, the Munich-based company extended its portfolio with advanced part cleaning and surfacing solutions for a wider range of 3D-printing technologies in the field of plastics. Today, DyeMansion’s Print-to-Product workflow combines industry-leading hardware with the widest range of color options on the market. Their systems are applicable for Industry 4.0 and can be integrated seamlessly into various production processes. The ability to provide a flexible solution for both small batches and high volumes makes DyeMansion a trusted partner for future factories. Through close collaboration with customers across all industries, the 3D-finishing technology and expertise continuously grow with the market. Reduced cost per part, unmatched quality, and high sustainability are core values that drive each innovation of the fast-growing company. In addition to these principles, finding the right finish for every application is what drives them.

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