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    PolishPeen 770


    Standard equipment:

    – The blasting area is made of chrome stainless steel.
    – Front flap door supported with compressed gas cylinders, lockable with two sash locks, secured with door interruption switch. Integrated sight window, provided with a safety and an attrition-proof glass
    – Front door bottom part, tiltable, with arm supports for comfortable working
    – Padded sleeves and gloves, exchangeable
    – Manual, hydraulic adjustment of height (maintenance-free)
    – Two-feet system with built-in rollers, moveable, manually lockable
    – Funnmel vibrator
    -Sliding working grate made of stainless perforated plate, two-piece
    – Air blow unit in the cabin funnel
    – Microblasting pistol unit, type EF-A 3, stainless, with handhold, with hard metal blasting nozzle HSD 5/10, adjustable via pressure reduction valve, 0 – 8 bar, polish blasting pressure
    is shown on the digital manometer, installed
    – Microblasting pistol, type EF-A 4, stainless, with handhold, complete with microblasting pistol body EF-A 4, microblasting agent connector, air nozzle LD 4,0 and hard metal blasting nozzle HSD 8/15, exchangeable
    – Holding device for microblasting pistol made of chrome steel, universally adjustable (X- and Z-axis), for one microblasting pistol EF-A3 (installed) and 1 change holder for 1 microblasting pistol EF-A 4
    – Blow-out pistol (air-blasting pistol)
    – Installed high surface micro filter system with one filter cartridge, 1 m2 filter surface. Automatic, electro-pneumatic filter cleaning and dust collector, made of steel
    – Ventilator for high surface microfilter unit, electronically continuously adjustable
    – Polish blasting agent collecting tray, stainless, with 2 handholds
    – Timer for service life control of the DiaPolish polishing blasting agent
    – Operation hour counter of polish blasting time, installed
    – Compressed air connection, 1/2″ G, installed, including oil and water separator
    – Foot switch with impulse contact
    – Control panel with all necessary switches and control elements
    – Key switch, on / off, with 2 keys
    – Illumination LED


    – Rotary table unit, Ø 350 mm, made of aluminium, manually rotatable,for workpieces up to a maximum of 50 kg

    Additional information

    Usable space


    Operating voltage

    230V + PE / 50/60Hz

    Power consumption


    Control safety

    4 AT

    Compressed-air connection

    Feed line: 3/4" G
    Equipment: 1/2" G
    Pressure: 0-10 bar

    Sound level

    58 db(A) without polish blasting
    65 db(A) with polish blasting at 3 bar


    205 Kg



    Iepco - Tecnologías de Post Procesado para Metales - es una empresa Suiza que se ocupa de tratamientos mecánicos y galvánicos de superficies, principalmente en componentes metálicos de máquinas y herramientas.
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