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    PeenMatic 850 GSD-2

    The microblasting equipment PEENMATIC 850 GSD-2 consists actually of two microblasting units, operated independently of each other, provided with one rotary cage unit each.

    This microblasting equipment allows to microblast very economically the surfaces of small mass-produced parts.

    These parts should be filled into the rotary cage unit and will be microblasted in the same rotary cage unit during both microblasting surface treatment steps.


    Standard equipment:

    – Service doors, with integrated sight window, provided with a safety glass and an attrition-proof glass, on both sides of the microblasting equipment
    – In each of both microblasting units two microblasting pistols at easily adjustable microblasting pistol holding devices are installed
    – The microblasting pistols are each equipped with one hard metal blasting nozzle HSD 5/10 or one hard metal blasting nozzle HSD 6/15 L Lavall, adjustable via pressure reduction valve, 0 – 8 bar, pressure reading on the manometer
    – Microblasting agent pre-accelerating system with moving injector, adjustable via pressure reduction valve, 0 – 4 bar, pressure reading on the manometer
    – Each of both microblasting units had a blowing-off unit with 2 blowing-off nozzles each, which blows off the rotary cage after the microblasting surface treatment during a certain, adjustable time
    – Compressed-air connection, 1/2″, at equipment, including oil and water separator
    – Control box with all the necessary electric, electronic and pneumatic control systems as well as with all the necessary operating and control elements, wired ready for connection and led on terminal connections. In the door of the control box are all necessary switches, control lamps, timers, the hour counter of microblasting time and the potentiometer for the speed control of the rotary cages installed and wired with the control units
    – Below the door of the control box, in front of the equipment, the manometers (0 – 10 bar) as well as the pressure regulators (0 – 10 bar) for the pneumatic control are installed.
    – Separately installed high surface microfilter unit, type IMF-3, with automatic, electro-pneumatic filter cleaning, including integrated dust collector, moveable
    – The microfilter unit is connected with a flexible suction tube with the microblasting equipment
    – 2 continuous drying systems for microblasting agents, 50 W, electronically conti-nuously adjustable, with heating power control unit, including covering for heating element
    – Automatic selective microblasting agent recycling system, type SHOT SEPARATOR
    – Abrasive level monitoring by sensor

    Additional information

    Usable space


    Operating voltage

    230V + PE / 50/60Hz

    Power consumption


    Control safety

    4 AT

    Compressed-air connection

    Feed line: 1/2" G
    Equipment: 1/4" G
    Pressure: 0-10 bar

    Sound level

    68 db(A) without microblasting
    75 db(A) with microblasting at 3 bar


    420 Kg



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