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    PeenMatic 770S

    The best in your surface finishes. “Microblasting” is a fine, dry blasting process that uses shot blasting with defined grain sizes, hardnesses and geometries to influence the microtopography of surfaces of any type and condition to positively change them. This process is performed when the part needs any of these characteristics: – Surface cleaning – Surface densification – Increasing the contact percentage of areas – Micro deburring – Bonding surface preparation – Surface texturing – Reproducible surfaces – Technology transfer to customer


    Standard equipment:

    – Front flap door which is operated with cylinders, supported by compressed gas, can be opened up to the working height of the microblasting equipment, with integrated sight window with a safety and an attrition-proof glass (double glass) in a quick change frame
    – Side feeding doors, width 360 x height 290 mm, on the left and on the right side of the equipment
    – Door interruption switch
    – Manual, hydraulic adjustment of height (maintenance-free)
    – 2-feet system with built-in rollers, moveable, can be locked manually
    – Working grate made of perforated plate, two-piece, detachable, diameter of holes 5 mm
    – Padded sleeves and gloves, exchangeable
    – Microblasting pistol unit, type EF 3, with hard metal blasting nozzle HSD 5/10, adjustable via pressure reducing valve, 0 – 8,5 bar, microblasting pressure reading on the manometer
    – Holding device for microblasting pistol with swinging arm, height 115 mm, swivelling range 275 mm, universally adjustable
    – Continuous drying system for microblasting agents, 50 W, electronically continuously adjustable, including covering for heating element
    – Microblasting agent pre-accelerating system with moving injector, adjustable via pressure reduction valve, 0 – 4 bar, pressure reading on the manometer
    – Automatic selective microblasting agent recycling system, type SHOT SEPARATOR
    – Built-in high surface microfilter system with one filter cartridge with 1,00 m2 filter surface. Automatic, electro-pneumatic filter cleaning
    – Dust collector, made of steel
    – Ventilator for high surface microfilter unit, electronically continuously variable
    – Blow-out pistol (air-blasting pistol)
    – Foot actuated switch with impulse contact
    – Compressed-air connection, 1/4″, at equipment, including oil and water separator
    – Control panel with all necessary switches and control elements
    – Key-operated switch, on / off, with 2 keys
    – Illumination, 2 x 18 W


    – Mesa giratoria incorporada, Ø 350 mm, de aluminio, giratorio manualmente, para piezas de hasta 50 kg como máximo
    – Equipar las puertas de alimentación laterales, izquierda y derecha, con cajas de alimentación y pasajes de conexión integrados revestidos de goma, para el tratamiento de tornillos.
    – Contador de horas del tiempo de microblasting.
    – Manómetros digitales
    – Vibrador de embudo

    Additional information

    Espacio de uso



    230V + PE / 50/60Hz



    Control de seguridad

    4 AT

    Conexión Aire comprimido

    Del lado del edificio: 1/2" G
    Del lado del equipo: 1/4" G
    Presión: 0-10 bar

    Nivel de ruido

    65 db(A) sin micro partículas de limpieza
    70 db(A) con micro partículas de limpieza a 3 bar


    205 Kg



    Iepco - Tecnologías de Post Procesado para Metales - es una empresa Suiza que se ocupa de tratamientos mecánicos y galvánicos de superficies, principalmente en componentes metálicos de máquinas y herramientas.
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