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    DyeMansion Powershot C

    The industry standard for easy an efficient part cleaning


    DyeMansion Powershot C

    Boosts your production capacity

    With our proprietary PolyShot Cleaning (PSC) a mid-sized build job can be cleaned in only ten minutes or less. The time you need for part cleaning and the personnel in your production can be significantly reduced. This boosts your effectiveness and efficiency. By investing in automated part cleaning with the Powershot C, up to four manual blasting systems can be easily replaced. PolyShot Cleaning is compatible with all common powder-bed technologies and delivers residue-free parts for brilliant colors.

    Gentle part treatment thanks to smart hardware features

    The blasting cabinet of our Powershot C is equipped with a rotary basket and is manufactured from stainless steel. Different blasting nozzles and an ionization unit ensure reproducible results. Couple this with a basket with a soft and replaceable lining protecting the parts from damage during the process. Two simultaneously working blasting nozzles are positioned perpendicular to the rotating basket and the contained parts. The cyclone cleans the blasting media constantly. This configuration guarantees an efficient powder removal.

    Advanced operator convenience with enhanced ergonomics and process control

    Experience a new level of process control with a touchscreen and integrated controlpanel. The Powershot C is being operated through a userfriendly interface and pre-installed programs can be started. Individual programs can be configured and saved easily, enabling a fast adaption to your application. With a user-centric design everything can be easily accessed and operated safely. Continuous monitoring allows an efficient and reproducible process.



    Capacity per run: mid sized build job (Ex. 3/4 of EOS P396 or FULL HP JET FUSION 4200/5200)

    Special nozzle set-up and automated blasting media cleaning

    The combination of blasting and flat-jet nozzles as well as an ionizing unit achieve powder-free parts in just a few minutes. The adjustable high performance cyclone separates the excess powder from blasting media and enables consistent blasting results.

    Additional information

    Cycle time

    Variable from 1 to 40 minutes

    Capacity per run

    Full HP 4200/5200

    Volume of basket

    Actual: 100 litres
    Effective: 26 litres

    Dimensions of basket

    Ø 600mm x 450mm


    1700 x 1310 x 2030 mm (L x W x H)

    Recommended space

    2500 x 2915 x 2300 mm (L x W x H)






    400V, 50Hz, 16A
    208V, 60Hz, 20A

    Compressed air consumption

    Minimum: 1,4m³/min at 5bar
    Maximum: 1,8m³/min at 5bar

    Noise emission



    CE, 2006/42/EG



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