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    Carbon M3

    With the M3/M3 MAX printers you will achieve an increase in precision in both single prints and repetitions.

    – Quality, precision and consistency of the parts.

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    Smarter: A Broader Design Space

    Lower forces during printing and closed loop control of force and temperature unlock more geometries, especially for elastomeric parts, or parts with features most sensitive to high forces. Plus infrared resin heating is now a core part of the printing platform, allowing you to print with all Carbon’s engineering grade resins by default.

    Más simple: Construido pensando en usted

    Next-gen oxygen permeable optics, closed loop control of force and temperature, built-in IR-based resin heating means it has never been easier to get started printing the parts you want to make with DLS technology. The next generation of DLS creates substantially lower forces on the part and introduces closed loop control of force and temperature, opening more possible part orientations and reducing print failures.

    Smoother: Consistency with a Fine Finish

    The next-gen of DLS printing improves print consistency across the build platform, reducing the variation in parts across a single-build (cross-build variation) by 30% and producing a premium surface finish you can see and feel.

    Faster: Up to 2.5x Higher Throughput

    Thanks to better heat management, the next generation of DLS printers delivers more throughput per square foot in thermally limited scenarios with throughput improvements for dental models up to 2.5x faster than the M2 printer.

    Redesigned with You in Mind


    Fácil instalación y mantenimiento

    La M3 está diseñada para instalarse en horas, con la capacidad de reubicar la impresora como mejor le parezca.

    Enhanced User Interaction

    The on-printer UI has been totally redesigned with status-lighting and sounds, a new touch input screen, and new functionality at the printer.

    Print Bigger or More Parts with the M3 Max

    The new M3 Max features double the build volume of the M3 with the same pixel size thanks to an all new true 4K light engine.


    The M3 printer is the cutting edge of DLS printing, ideal for customers looking for faster printing, a simpler print experience, an expanded design space, and a more consistent surface finish.

    M3 Max

    The M3 Max printer offers the benefits of next-gen DLS printing with a true 4K light engine, enabling double the build area with the same pixel size and density.

    Discover the right Carbon 3D printer for your production needs and budget



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