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    Peel 2 CAD-S

    The perfect solution to bring your scan to your favourite CAD software.

    Peel 2 CAD-S is an easy-to-use, fully integrated solution that allow to extract all the information you need form your 3D scans and send it directly to your preferred CAD software. You can directly scan objects of many shapes and surfaces, the scan recognizes shapes automatically. Peel 2 CAD-S comes with an internationally approved calibration certificate.


    Simple is not the same as simplicity

    Intuitive 3D scanning software + Module with reverse engineering functions Peel 2CAD

    Behind every great 3D scanner, there is even greater software. Peel 3D is packed with powerful tools and features normally only found in premium solutions. It gives you full control to finish your scans and work your data quickly.

    And.. ¿What can we scan with Peel 2-S?

    In just 5 simple steps

    1. Scanning the object

    Both the object and the scanner can move freely during the scanning process. The scan result can be viewed on the computer screen in real time.

    2. Working the mesh

    Clean, improve, and align the resulting mesh from the 3D scanning like a professional with the tools of the built-in Peel 3D software.

    3. Extracting entities and surfaces

    Generate geometric entities, create automatic and manual surfaces, generate sections, to define exactly the scanned object.

    4. Exporting

    There are many export formats available to allow you to work with the best reverse engineering or 3D design software on the market:

    .iges, .step, .dxf,



    5. Transferring to CAD software

    Compatible with a variety of CAD software, such as SOLIDWORK, Inventor, PTC and more.

    Discover more…


    Peel 3D

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