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    HP 3D Jet Fusion 500/300 Series

    The most compact 3D printing devices, designed for convenient automated production.


    HP Jet Fusion 580/380 and 540/340 3D Printers

    The most compact hp jet fusion 3D devices, designed for convenient in-house automated production.

    Accelerate your design: create, test, iterate in just hours

    Aumente la productividad: produzca varias repeticiones de prototipos de diseños en lo que tarda en imprimir una sola pieza.

    Produce accurate, functional parts with intricate detail

    Produce engineering-grade thermoplastic parts with optimal mechanical properties.

    Create full-spectrum color parts with a voxel-control system

    Stay ahead of the competition with a future-ready technology and produce full-color, black, or white functional parts.

    Maximum color printing capacity

    The cost-effective 3D printers tailored for small/medium-sized product development teams, design firms and universities.


    HP 3D Printing

    Hp 3D Multi Jet Fusion Technology

    Additional information


    HP Multi Jet Fusion

    Volumen de producción

    332 x 190 x 248 mm

    Building speed

    1.817 cm3/h

    Layer thickness

    0.08 mm

    Printhead resolution (x,y)

    1.200 dpi


    1.565 x 955 x 1.505 mm [W x L x H] Weight 650 Kg

    Power consumption

    4.5 to 6.3 Kw


    HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager, HP SmartStream 3D Command Center

    Supported formats

    3MF, OBJ, STL, VRML (v2.0)

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